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Hydrocarbon Expert™

Hydrocarbon Expert™ is the most powerful software for detailed hydrocarbon analysis available today. Novel capabilities such as ‘On Screen Peak ID’ functionality makes identifying individual peaks intuitively simple and built in comprehensive pattern recognition overcomes the hassle caused by retention time shifting due to column ageing.

All of the standard DHA testing methods including: ASTM D5134, ASTM D6729, ASTM D6730, ASTM D6733, ASTM D7900, IP-344 and IP-601 are supported. And, when combined with our complimentary Merge Expert™ software, the accuracy of your high temperature/crude oil distillation data can be greatly improved.
Hydrocarbon Expert™ comes complete with a database of ~400 individually identified peaks along with the gravimetric blend to calibrate the system. Adding to the existing database or creating your very own is very straightforward.

Software Capability Highlights


  • Comprehensive time mapping (Sure ID™) technology is applied to the full chromatogram not just a few select ‘marker’ peaks to ensure individual components are correctly identified
  • Highly intuitive graphical user interface
  • Includes pre-loaded component databases (350+ identified peaks) for various sample matrices and test method conditions (ex. carrier gas type)
  • Includes retention time calibration standard
  • Unlimited number of databases can be created and maintained
  • Built in peak integrator simplifies the analysis workflow
  • User security levels can be established
  • Analysis results can be reported by: summary by group and/or carbon#, composite by carbon#; calculated boiling point; calculated octane number(s); components by time, group, carbon and/or carbon & group, calculated D86, physical properties (ex. API gravity, avg. molecular weight, specific gravity, RVP, % hydrogen, E200/E300, gross heating value, C/H ratio, bromine number and % oxygen) as well as formulas defined by the user
  • Available ‘MS’ module to exploit the power of mass spectrometry to identify unknowns and co-eluting species
  • Reports can be exported to ASCII (LIMS) or MS Excel and OpenOffice

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Test Methods Supported

  • ASTM D5134
  • ASTM D6729
  • ASTM D6730
  • ASTM D6733
  • ASTM D7900
  • IP 344
  • IP 601