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Other Application

The applications highlighted above are the most popular we offer products and services for.  However, our expertise extends well beyond those listed and includes many others.  Some examples include:

  • trace impurities in ethylene and propylene streams
  • oxygenates and aromatics in gasoline
  • beverage grade CO2
  • ‘geo-chemical’ (ex. heavy hydrocarbons, biomarkers, brines)
  • coke gas
  • aromatics in naphtha
  • hydrogen impurities
  • petroleum waxes
  • biodiesel (Linoleic/FAMEs, simulated distillation, residual methanol)

We also configure, test and install GC analyzers to address ‘at line’ or ‘on-line/process analysis requirements.

If you don’t see the application you’re interested in listed, there’s a very good chance we’ve successfully designed one before.  We would be pleased to discuss your needs and devise a means to help you meet or exceed them.

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