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SimDis® Expert

SimDis® Expert is the most powerful simulated distillation data analysis software available today.
It meets or exceeds all of the requirements of existing and proposed standard test methods used in the world today. Its graphical user interface is broadly recognized as the easiest to learn.

The software is compatible with all popular chromatography data acquisition systems and is available in several versions individually suited for your needs including support for non-traditional detectors including mass spectrometers. It can be purchased for use on a PC or installed on a network.

We’ve been directly involved developing, testing and evolving test methods for over 40 years. And, our SimDis® Expert software truly reflects it.

New Features Added:

• Embedded test method parameters, standards/reference material info

• Fully customizable reports

• Automatically connects with any GC data system; including the latest version of OpenLAB CDS

• Selective detector support (SCD, NCD, FPD, AED, MS)


Software Capability Highlights

  • User access level security
  • Cut points can be defined by user
  • ASTM D86 and D1160 correlations
  • Physical characteristics: liquid/vapor ratio, Reid Vapor Pressure, gases, Motor Oil Volatility, % recovery, NOACK volatility, CETANE index, flash point
  • On screen peak identification with component names; no typing required
  • On screen sample analysis – chromatograms, calculations and plots are all on same screen
  • Standard and customizable report formats
  • Custom calculations can be created
  • Multiple reports can be compared on screen or on paper
  • Built in peak integrator with expanded set of integration parameters
  • ‘Intelligent’ elution detection algorithm
  • Calculations and plots automatically adjusted when start and/or end of elution mark is changed by user
  • Boiling point table can be customized
  • Sample blending simulation(s) can be performed
  • Results from high temperature simulated distillation analysis can be ‘merged’ with detailed hydrocarbon analysis to ‘correct’ the front end of the boiling point curve
  • Multiple channels (ex. FID, SCD, MS) can be monitored simultaneously
  • ‘MS’ module available to determine aromatics and saturates (group) content
  • Automatic detection of ‘quenching window’
  • Analysis results can be exported to ASCII (LIMS) or MS Excel

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Test Methods Supported

D2425, D3710, D2887, D5307, D5399, D6352, D7096, D7169, D7213, D7398, D7500, D7807, IP 406, IP 480, IP 507, IP 545, EN 15199-1, EN 15199-2, EN 15199-3, ISO 3924, DIN 51435